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Freelancers to scale your e-commerce operation

Transform fixed costs into variables by connecting with a network of freelancers tailored for your e-commerce needs, ensuring profitability and efficiency.

Improve your fleet with us

Break down barriers, end-to-end


Quick selection of products in physical stores, dark stores or distribution centers, ensuring quality and efficiency.


Careful packaging of the products, assuring safety and integrity during shipping.


Dedicated delivery drivers for fast and punctual arrival of the products at their destination.

Want to know how we can help you?

Check out FlexiFleet in action! Watch testimonials from customers who rely on our dynamic fleet to transform their e-commerce operations and accelerate results.

Discover our predictive software

Your fleet, operated by us

Get free from operational complexities.

We are in charge of finding, training and sending the right people to fulfill your operation with excellence: the Zubaleros.

Zubaleros are the freelancers that pick, pack and deliver your orders through Zubale’s app, with flexibility and security to access new income opportunities.

Ensure an unmatched reliability and a superior user experience

Make your fleet more flexible to make it more profitable

Cost reduction

Our costs per order in comparison to hired workers are lower, which means a significant cost improvement.

Forecast response

Increase your fleet according to demand and seasonal variations, reaching 100% customer satisfaction.

Streamlined operation

We take responsibility for recruiting, training and remunerating freelancers, ensuring a smooth operation.

Join us and grow your business in a leap