We connect companies directly with consumers to accelerate decisions and build a prosperous world.

By 2020 over 6 billion people will have smartphones, led by huge growth in emerging markets. With a phone, the middle class will have access to the digital economy and new ways to earn and transact online. We believe this unprecedented level of connection will transform how companies engage with consumers around the world. At Zubale, we enable companies to crowdsource insights directly from consumers via our mobile platform and empower consumers to monetize their time and earn digital rewards.

Our users


The rewards make Zubale attractive and different to any other application. Of the tasks I like to earn money by visiting supermarkets.


I like that the tasks are not too complicated. My favorites are answering surveys and the buying from and auditing stores.


What a pleasure! I like that I can carry out the tasks in places that I usually attend.


What I like most about Zubale are the rewards they provide (and that there is a variety to choose from). I like visiting supermarkets as a task, it is an entertaining and easy way to win rewards.

Our Story

We founded Zubale while completing our MBA at Harvard Business School to enable companies to accelerate their decision making and empower consumers to earn in the new digital economy. Prior to school, we worked across the globe and witnessed firsthand the leapfrog in smartphone adoption. As former employees of Walmart and Proctor and Gamble we personally experienced how difficult it was to reach and engage with consumers in emerging markets. We saw an opportunity to build a platform to enable companies to crowdsource insights directly from consumers on their smartphones. After months of focus groups, testing, and research Zubale was born!

Our great team

Allison CampbellCo Founder
Sebastian MonroyCo Founder
Ryan NewtonTechnical Lead
Bernardo BenitezSocial Media Manager
Gabo RamosCreative Director
Flor de AndaProject Manager & Market Research Expert
Nahomi Rojo GodoyOperations Intern
Arturo MedinaOperations Intern
Victoire KeaneProject Manager Harvard College
Fatih AdanurFinance Lead MIT Sloan
Frank TinoTechnical Advisor

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